Consultancy Services

Third party vendor tracking and consent management is complex.

Your technology set up is crucial to comply to the GDPR while monetising and activating your users’ data. Next to our standard support, we therefore offer the following types of consultancy services.

Assessment of current situation

We’ve helped multiple complex organizations figure out where they are on their path to compliance.

Determine requirements

What is GDPR, what does it mean to your business and how can you interpret it?

Formulate and plan the desired outcome

We help you define the set up you’d like to deploy and the steps needed to get there.

Vendor management

There are hundreds of vendors out there. We can help you evaluate which ones are relevant to your business and which are (in-)directly responsible for your revenue or ROI.


What are the relevant internal processes your organization needs to not only get compliant, but remain compliant.

Ad technology reviews

Do you need help with choosing the right ad tech partners? Our extensive ad tech experience and knowledge can assist you here.

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