Consent Management Platform

Consent Management Platform

Faktor’s Privacy Manager is a Consent Management (CMP) solution for all third party trackers on your websites and apps. It enables every site to fully comply to the GDPR and other data protection and privacy regulations.

Built for enterprises

The Faktor CMP is able to handle all third parties on your website and app. The Faktor CMP works seamlessly with the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework and handles all other vendors through the Custom Vendor List.

Group Consent

Do you have multiple websites, which require consent for the same vendors? Faktor supports Group Consent - sharing consent across your online assets for the best user experience.

Complete history and audit trail

Ensure full transparency and query the historical consent logs for proof of consent.

Flexibility at scale

Faktor’s Platform enables you to get relevant insights and to fully customise the Consent manager at any time in just a few clicks.
A monthly subscription fee based on the unique monthly traffic you experience.
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In-App awesomeness
Consent management applies to much more than cookies. Faktor’s CMP powers not just your web, but app assets as well.
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Our teams and our Knowledge Base are ready to support you every step of the way.

Vendor Management Selection

There are hundreds of vendors out there. We can help you evaluate which ones are relevant to your business and which are (in-) directly responsible for your revenue and ROI.

Tag Management Support

We help you manage your tags accordingly to ensure all direct vendors listen and comply to the CMP signals.

Implement the Faktor CMP
in three simple steps

Use one of the default templates or completely change the branding, content and logo of the CMP. Choose your vendors and purposes.
Implement the scripts generated in the Faktor Consent Management Platform in your online assets. Make sure that no third party assets are loaded without consent and apply conditional firing if needed.
Release to your live environment. Start collecting compliant consent and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Like peace of mind and actionable data sets.

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