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Third party resources on this site

Our site is hosted on Amazon Web Services and use WordPress to make it look pretty. We also use Google Fonts and an Instagram widget on the Team page to give you a better idea of who we are. Those are all cookie-less technologies; we are working on increasing your control over them on our side or removing them altogether.

We are placing cookies that allow us to personalise your website experience and analyse your behaviour on our site.

Cookies are short text files stored on your devices by websites. On our site we use cookies for these purposes:

  • Allow us to store your choices for audits and checks.

We consider these cookies functional because they help us to keep a verifiable record of your consent choices. They will never be used for any other purpose, which is why we are storing them without asking for your consent.

  • Produce generalised visiting and usage statistics.

We made sure that the data produced by these cookies are non-privacy intrusive.

  • Connect the on-login sections of the site and contact forms to our Customer management tool.

We use HubSpot and their cookies help us to recognise you in our client base or deduplicate your contact details if you fill in one of your contact forms. We recommend you to accept these cookies for the best experience if you are interested in our services, but these are all off by default.

  • Analyse your behaviour when you visit some on-login parts of our site.

For example, when we change something on the site, we sometimes use HotJar to make a record of your mouse movements to evaluate the user friendliness of our site. This applies to the on-login sections of the site only; we will list this HotJar in the “Privacy settings” of this tool when it is used and give you an opportunity to switch it off.

You can find more detailed description of the cookies we use and make your choices in the tab “Privacy settings”.

Please note that our site also uses third party scripts:

You can always review and manage your choices by clicking the fingerprint icon on the bottom right of your screen. This icon will appear on every page of our site after you close this Privacy manager.

Why cookies?

We also use a combination of cookies on our website and here you can find more information about those cookies and how to control them.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow us to remember your preferences so that we can reproduce your choices when you come back to our site. Our functional cookies do not store any information that tracks your activity, however we are placing a randomly assigned ID in your browser in order to be able to remember your cookie preferences.

It is not possible to reject these cookies on our site, but you can adjust settings of your browser to disable or remove them. In this case our site might not work properly, for example, we will keep showing you the Privacy Manager tool even if you have previously accepted all cookies.

Here is a list of our functional cookies:

  • 8fd07691-ba34-4d23-9244-27bd14b1ca60faktorChecksum

provider: Faktor; purpose: Checks if the list of third parties is the same across all our sites; expiration: 13 months.

  • lastConsentChange

provider: Faktor; purpose: Makes a record of changes in your cookie preferences; expiration: 13 months.

  • 8fd07691-ba34-4d23-9244-27bd14b1ca60faktorId

provider: Faktor; purpose: Assigns a random ID to remember your cookie preferences; expiration: 13 months.

  • 8fd07691-ba34-4d23-9244-27bd14b1ca60cconsent

provider: Faktor; purpose: Stores information for a specific list of our service providers (all companies you see in this overview); expiration: 13 months.

  • 8fd07691-ba34-4d23-9244-27bd14b1ca60euconsent

provider: Faktor; purpose: Stores and shares your cookie choice across our sites (for example, passes your HotJar choice from our main site to the on-login services); expiration: 13 months.

Analytical cookies

We use anonymised statistics provided by Google Analytics to analyse the performance of our website: we adjusted the settings of Google Analytics so that we cannot see your full IP address. We did everything in our power to make sure that these cookies are not used to track you; we are also working on removing some of these cookies from our site.

  • _ga

provider: Google Analytics; purpose: Used to distinguish users and produce pseudonymised statistics; expiration: 24 months.

  • _gat_gtag_UA_102902006_1

provider: Google; purpose: combined with Google Analytics, identifies our site to perform measurement; expiration: 24 hours.

  • _gid

provider: Google; purpose: combined with Google Analytics, identifies a user if they return to our site within 24 hours; expiration: 24 hours.

Product improvement cookies

We ask for your permission to place the following cookies:

  • __cfduid

provider: HubSpot; purpose: provides contact forms and synchronises the input of those forms with our client management database; expiration: 1 year.

Disabling cookies

If you do not want to accept any cookies, you can change the settings of your browser to reject all cookies, but this might make our site show our Privacy Manager tool over and over again.

After you have accepted the cookies you can always use the fingerprint icon on bottom-right side of the screen if you change your mind or if you want to review this cookie notice again.
For more information about our data processing practices please check our Privacy Notice or drop us an email at