We are Faktor.
We are innovators by nature.

We are a consumer centric technology company, providing tools for digital advertising and privacy.
We believe in an internet based on value and we want to facilitate a fair value exchange between consumers, brands and publishers.

Faktor, a LiveRamp company gives consumers control and choice over their personal data, publishers the tools to operate sustainable business models and brands the ability to advertise more relevant and effectively.

Our products are build for scale, privacy by design and engineered from the ground up.


Meet the

We are innovators by nature, and we are determined to do good. We want to build the company of the future, with highly motivated and engaged people willing to make a difference. Ultimately we’re in it to leave a legacy and solve as many problems as we can along the way.

Tim Geenen

General Manager

Anke Kuik

Head of Customer & Operations

Niels Baarsma

Head of Product

Johan de Groot

Head of Technology

Gergana Kirovska

Head of Growth

Jad Kaddour


Iwan Burlini

Implementation Manager

Ieva Kavaliauskaite

Designer & Workplace Experience

Karina Kim

Acquisition & Customer Success Specialist

Ranvish Vir

Sales Manager

Nienke Wajon

Head of Customer Success

Susana Martinez

UX Designer

Loek Schings

Finance Manager

Priya Sidhaiyan

Implementation Manager

Stefania Apostol

Sales & Marketing Intern

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